2021 07 15


Labanoras Regional Park has a unique peninsula that separates two lakes - White Lakajai and Black Lakajai. This exceptional natural place will be newly adapted for visiting this summer under the project “Protection and Adaptation of Landscape Values” initiated by the State Service for Protected Areas under the Ministry of Environment.

Visitors will be able to go hiking or cycling on the 8-kilometer route in peninsula „Ščiūro ragas“, enjoying the picturesque landscape of lakes and forests. In place , peninsula „Ščiūro ragas“ narrows so much that the waters of both lakes meet at the end of the peninsula. We can call the peninsula of extraordinary beauty on the peninsula - Cibaragis - a real gem of nature. The peninsula „Ščiūro ragas“ is also characterized by the natural heritage object growing at the beginning of the peninsula - a double pine.

Traveling on the new cognitive trail will be suitable for those who want to escape from everyday life. Here it will be possible to deepen the knowledge about Labanoras Regional Park. The information boards provide information about the origin of the cape, its natural resources and even some secrets ... The Trail of peninsula „Ščiūro ragas“ is like an acquaintance with the spirit of the Labanoras forest - Lakaja.

Surrounded by two lakes, the peninsula „Ščiūro ragas“ creates a kind of microclimate suitable for the growth of unusual and rare plants of the Labanoras forest listed in the Red Book. Birds are abundant here: you can see Great crested grebes, Common mergansers, Great cormorants, Grey herons, many species of ducks and an The ospreys who has become a symbol of the Labanoras forest.

To ensure the protection of the landscape and biodiversity, access to the peninsula by car will be restricted. Parking is available at the very beginning of the trail, and visitors will be able to cross the route from the start of the hill on foot or by bike.

Since the establishment of the Labanoras Regional Park, it has been forbidden to camp in tents or build bonfires in this area. This ban will remain in effect and will be monitored. Nevertheless, peninsula „Ščiūro ragas“ is a great place to explore nature on foot.

Peninsula „Ščiūro ragas“ management project is a joint work of the State Service for Protected Areas under the Ministry of Environment and the Aukštaitija National Park and Labanoras Regional Park Directorate, which was carried out in accordance with the 2014–2020. The financing measure of the EU Funds Investment Operational Program “Management of Protected Areas and Parks of State Importance, Adaptation to Visiting”, implementing the project “Protection of Landscape Values ​​and Adaptation to Knowledge”.