Opening hours:

Tuesday - friday 9:00 - 18:00
Saturday 10:00 - 16:00
Lunch break 12:00 - 12:45

* Closed at sunday - monday and national holidays

Guided excursion price:

For group of 5 - 9 people 9 euros.
For group of 10 - 19 people 17 euros.
For group of 20 - 30 people 25 euros.
Duration: 45 min
*We are accepting only pre-registered visitors by appointment:

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone number: 85 272 84 97
Address: Antakalnio g. 25,  Vilnius

National visitor center exposition - "Protected areas. The journey of life in a circle“ reflecting the rhythm and cyclicarity of nature. Here visitors can find funny and interactive information about Lithuanian and foreign protected areas (national and regional parks, reserves, sanctuaries, natural monuments, etc.).

The exhibition – has not only interesting content, but also surprises with visual solutions. Into visitor centre you can feel surrrounded by nature: herbages, birds, grasshoppers around, overhead - the clouds. You can imagine that you are in meadows or in the woods.

Each guest, can get familiar with the protected areas system, by turning contacting gears. Not everyone knows that Lithuania has 5 national and 30 regional parks, 3 state natural and 2 cultural reserves, 300 nature reserves, more than 500 state-protected natural heritage sites.

Exceptional value of national and regional parks, nature reserves illustrated not only in images, but also on specific items. Cinema Hall - the seat of the bat, you can watch movies, listen to the mysterious sounds of nature. Visitors may also enjoy a laboratory table - a question mark where various natural riddle explained in motion pictures. Small visitors really interested an interactive game about cranes and cormorants originally created in Lithuania.

Terminals include information about protected areas attractions and travel options will help you to find a special place in Lithuania. Each exposure visitor becomes an active participant, which could touch, hear and feel.

We believe that the National visitor centre of protected areas will become the gates to Lithuania and other countries protected areas, under one roof will be available to find knowlege about the most valuable areas, choose natural routes and to tour throught our country.

Last updated: 06-12-2023