Representatives of the protected territories of Ukraine will receive valuable information


2022 10 12


A delegation from the protected territories of Ukraine is visiting the protected territories of Lithuania. The main purpose of the visit is dialogue on the development and implementation of the concept of the recently established national park "Pušča Radzivila", talks about humanitarian aid to the protected areas of Ukraine, sharing of best practices in the field of protected areas.

The meeting was attended by the Director of the Department of Protected Territories and Land Resources of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine Eduardas Arustamian, the managers of the national parks "Desnyansko-Starohutskyj", "Nobelskyi", "Podilski Tovtry", "Pušča Radzivila" of Ukraine, as well Minister of Environment Simonas Gentvilas, vice Minister Danas Augutis, head of the nature protection policy group Algirdas Klimavičius, director of the State Service for Protected Areas Albertas Stanislovaitis and others.

During the conversation, Ukrainian nature conservation specialists introduced the system of protected areas operating in their country, introduced the current difficult situation due to the war, thanked for the already provided institutional and material assistance and expressed the desire to continue working closely with Lithuania

During this visit, 4 cars, printers, computers, video cameras and other necessary equipment will be handed over to the representatives of the protected territories of Ukraine.

Specialists of the State Service for Protected Areas gladly agreed to build relationship and to share best practices to the directorate of the national park "Puscha Radzivila" located in the Rivne region of Northern Ukraine on how to manage the protected area, how to mark it, install educational trails, how to establish a national park visitor center with an interesting exposition, how to work in the field of nature conservation education.

The delegation of protected areas of Ukraine will visit the national and regional parks, reserves and sanctuaries of our country throughout this week. At the beginning of the week, after getting acquainted with the conservation activities in the Dzūkija National Park, visiting the nature school, the observation tower, and the unique exhibition of wooden beekeeping, they will continue towards Aukštaitija. They will visit the Tree Canopy Trail in Anykščiai Regional Park, then in Aukštaitija National Park and Sirvėta Regional Park they will get to know the values, visiting opportunities and other good experiences of these protected areas.