2021 04 15

Paluknis meadows. Photo by Marius Karlonas

The State Service for Protected Areas under the Ministry of Environment is implementing the project “Preparation of Protected Areas Planning Documents and Methodological Material (for Assessment of the Condition of Values ​​and Landscape Analysis) II”, during which documents for newly established protected areas will be processed and the protected areas planning process optimized. In the near future, the Juodimų telmological reserve and the Paluknis meadow biosphere reserve will be established.

The aim of the project is to create preconditions for the preservation of the landscape and biodiversity of protected areas, natural and cultural values.

A system of protection and management measures will be developed during the project. In order to create preconditions for the landscape and biological diversity of protected areas, to preserve natural and cultural values, the planning documents provided for in the Law on Protected Areas of the Republic of Lithuania and regulating activities in protected areas will be prepared.

During the project, a seminar-training will be organized to strengthen the capacity of specialists involved in the planning of protected areas.

The following documents will be prepared during the project: Kačiuliškės State Herpetological, Svencelė State Telmological and Nevėžis State Landscape Reserve boundaries and management plans, Asveja, Anykščiai, Kurtuvėnai, Sartai, Venta, Žagarė Regional Parks and  Curonian Spit National Park management plans.

As it is planned to merge Aukštaitija National Park and Labanoras Regional Park, a planning scheme for Aukštaitija National Park will be prepared.

During the establishment of new protected areas, plans for the boundaries of the Paluknis Meadows Biosphere Reserve and the Juodymo Swamp Telmological Reserve were prepared. Granting these areas Natura 2000 status. It is expected that rare birds will be preserved in Paluknis meadows, and natural habitats and the unique wetland itself will be preserved in Juodymo swamp.

The project “Preparation of Protected Areas Planning Documents and Methodological Materials (for Assessment of the Condition of Values ​​and Landscape Analysis) II” will continue in full until the autumn of 2023.

The project will achieve the following results: good condition of landscape and biodiversity, natural and cultural values, proper use and management, as well as strengthening the capacity of specialists to participate in the preparation of planning documents.

The project is implemented in accordance with Priority 5 of the European Union Funds Investment Operational Program 2014-2020 “Environment, Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and Adaptation to Climate Change” 05.5.1-APVA-V-018 Measure “Biodiversity Protection”, financed from the European Union Structural Funds Cohesion Fund.