2021 10 14


People who take advantage of nature also have a moral responsibility to PROTECT it ... The seminar of nature guides in the Curonian Spit National Park with the participation of specialists of protected areas started with such thoughts. Interpretation of nature, knowledge of the audience, methodologies in group work, deeper acquaintance with nature through emotions ... These and other topics were discussed in the seminar.

The Curonian Spit National Park has been implementing the project under the Interreg South Baltic Program for the fourth year in a row. Pilot nature guide training courses are one of the biggest and most successful activities. During the project, a description of the nature guide profession, training program and guide work profile was created. The last remaining activity in the project until the end of this year is the publication "Nature Guide".

Together with Klaipėda University and the State Service for Protected Areas under the Ministry of Environment, the final event of the project “Network of Nature Guides” was organized - a seminar. The protected area staff gained practical and theoretical knowledge from nature and regional motivation, nature interpretation, excursion planning and guidance, group leadership and communication, group dynamics and working methods.

Recently, people are more active in nature, so it is very important to convey the values ​​of nature to them creatively, allowing them to understand that humans are just a part of nature.