2021 06 16


Veisiejai Regional Park directorate informed that on June 11. European pond turtles will come back to the regional park after wintering in Lithuanian Zoo. Everyone who were interested to meet European Pond Turtles where invited to Veisiejai regional park visitor’s centre.

European Pond Turtles were taken to Kaunas for the winter because of the route they are going through their first habits of life, because some of the eggs they laid simply would not hatch. When the female turtles put them in the right places - on the roadside, next to the working field ... There they have no chance to break out and are destroyed.

Specialists of protected areas inhabited by European Pond Turtles” (“Dzūkija National Park”, “Meteliai and Veisiejai Regional Parks”), dig such turtle eggs and transport them to experienced herpetologists of the Lithuanian Zoo. They use special proof that they redeem turtle eggs and care for them until the summer.

European Pond Turtles are a very rare species in Lithuania, listed in the Lithuanian Red Book, as well as in the list of animal and plant diversity of European Community importance found in Lithuania.

European Pond Turtles are disappearing due to the loss of suitable habitats. Shallow stagnant or slow-flowing waters are most suitable for European Pond Turtles - peat that does not dry out in the woods, in fields where there are many fallen trunks or sludge, sand islands, shallows, where it is possible to heat.

When they are in danger, hiding in the water. For wintering, turtles choose deeper places, which are supplied with oxygen, sludge between tree roots, in springy places, in waterfalls that do not freeze. Slopes and other sandy places for eggs must be no more than 1 km away from the summering ponds. Their diet consists of aquatic and terrestrial animals, mostly arthropods.