2022 05 24

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While traveling around national and regional parks, reserves and strict reserves, it will now be easier to find reliable information on the new website www.saugoma.lt. Not only the exceptional value of protected areas, natural and cultural heritage values ​​are clearly listed here, but also a lot of additional information related to visiting.

The basis of the new protected areas website is an interactive map. You just need to find the desired protected area and click on it. A separate pop-up window invites you to enter and explore further - one section is related to conservation ("About the protected area"), the other to visiting ("For visitors").

Visiting objects, memo for visitors, services provided by the directorate, virtual tours are presented in the visiting section. More information about the visitor center and nature schools or conservation education can be found here. Information is also provided about the Protected Areas product mark of that park and its holders - artisans, herbalists, nature guides, etc.

Almost a thousand objects of protected areas are presented on the website. These include educational trails, observation towers, natural and cultural heritage objects, places of interest, landscape complexes, etc. Each entry consists of: point coordinates, object address, name, short description... The new website has a function that forms a route to the selected object.

Those interested in protected areas can view information on the protected area system, which species make up an individual protected area type. When going to a specific national or regional park, you can find information about the park's outstanding value, landscape, biodiversity...

www.saugoma.lt provides current information in the "News" and "Events" sections. In the section "Visitor's ticket" you can find everything about a voluntary state park visitor's ticket, where and how to buy it.

The main information of www.saugoma.lt is also provided in English and Russian. The site is adapted for disabled people, there is an option to increase the font size.

The new website www.saugoma.lt was initiated by the State Service for Protected Areas under the Ministry of Interior. It was created under the project "Knowledge of Protected Values ​​and Dissemination of Information". The project aims to fundamentally improve the accessibility of information about protected areas and their values.

It is hoped that the website www.saugoma.lt will become an easy-to-find, clear and reliable source about protected areas, so that the public will understand more clearly - what and why it is necessary to protect and preserve for future generations: SAUgoma ir TAU!