2020 06 01

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This summer, the State Service for Protected Areas invites to visit all Lithuanian national and regional parks by collecting park stamps in the PROTECTED AREAS PASSPORT. During this summer travel contest you will receive a prize - a book about protected areas if you visit all 35 state parks.

Conditions for the competition for protected areas: travel from 1 June until August 31, visit the visitor centers of 5 national and 30 regional parks, enjoy the nature... Put a stamp in the PROTECTED AREAS PASSPORT, do not forget to buy a protected areas visitor's ticket.

THE PROTECTED AREAS PASSPORT can be picked up free of charge at the National Visitor Center for Protected Areas in Vilnius or at the visitor centers of national and regional parks, as well as printed by yourself by clicking on the link: PROTECTED AREA PASSPORT

We recommend starting the trip from the National Visitor Center and gel all the information about the competition. You can also start collecting ST passport stamps from any national, regional park visitor center.

Almost all visitor centers of protected areas have interesting expositions that invite you to get to know the values ​​of state park, put together a route and then travel to nature to get to know it better.

In European countries and the United States it is popular to visit national parks and have a special stamp in your nature passport that proves you have been here. This summer, in a quarantine situation, we invite you to travel around your native land. For those who have visited all national and regional parks, a prize is waiting for them - a book, and for those who will buy a visitor's ticket in each park - a backpack.

Stamps will be available at national and regional park visitor centers (open on Saturdays) or at outdoor entrances.


ravel around protected areas this summer, discovering the most valuable places in our country!


You can find out more about the campaign by contacting us by phone: (85) 2728497 or by e-mail