2020 05 14


The State Service for Protected Areas presents new publication - a richly illustrated information guide for protected areas in Lithuania. The book provides detailed information about our country's national and regional parks, reserves and strict nature reserves.


In the book you will find out what a protected areas is, how many of them there are in the world, for whom they are established and why it is important for future generations to preserve nature heritage and landscape. The publication presents both natural and cultural heritage values in the protected areas.

The book of more than 300 pages presents information according to the topics: the development of the network of protected areas, which consists of the system of protected areas, the most important protected areas of Lithuania are presented. We have 5 national and 30 regional parks in Lithuania, more than 400 reserves. In our country, the focus is on preserving the values of the European ecological network Natura 2000, RAMSAR and UNESCO.

According to Albert Stanislovasitis, Director of the State Service for Protected Areas, it is hoped that this publication will provide more knowledge about the most valuable natural places in Lithuania. By understanding the value of state parks and reserves people will more appreciate and protect the nature.

A group of professional authors worked on the book publishing - well-known scientists and practitioners, specialists of protected areas: R. Baškytė, P. Kavaliauskas, G. Raščius and others.

The book was published with the funds of the project “Cognition of Protected Values and Dissemination of Information” implemented by the State Service for Protected Areas.

The publication “Lithuanian Protected Areas” is published in Lithuanian and English languages. It was presented to the public at this year's Book Fair - on the stand of the publishing house "Lututė". The book will always be available at the National Visitor Center for Protected Areas, as well as in public libraries and on the Internet.

Information guide ''POTECTED AREAS IN LITHUANIA'' 2019.