2020 08 13

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Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park Nature School organized a day summer camp "5 days of adventure in nature with park rangers". The camp classes were led by specialists of Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park, so the children had a great opportunity to get to know the nature of the park and communicate with real park rangers.

Experienced guides led the campers on unfamiliar or better-known nature trails for 5 days: traveling through the "jungle" to the swamp, climbing the mound, hunting fossils along the coast, marching to the most beautiful places in the park, drawing power from a magical spring, searching for "bears", browsing interactive exposition, plucking feathers in battles, creating a bonfire and a good mood.

The campers had the opportunity to see up close, touch and interact with real park rangers, find out what they do, what they enjoy, what they are angry about, and most importantly, they know the most secret places in the park: where badgers live, where geniuses and squirrels live, mostly dwarfs, where the most beautiful "selfies" get, where the most interesting trails, where it is best to fall in love ...

The age of the campers is from 8 to 12 years. It is the most receptive age of children, when it is easy to instill in them a love of nature and the realization that man, like an ant or a frog, is also a part of nature.

At the end of the camp, everyone who overcame the challenges of all day was greeted by consecration to the Knights of Nature and a special gift from the rangers, which caused a real wave of excitement.

The young ranger camp was left satisfied not only with the children but also with the parents. Here is an excerpt from a thank-you note from one mother: “Thank you for a wonderful nature camp. How many interesting things, and the energy of morning exercises ... And the beauty of our nature, how much animals, plants ... We sincerely thank you all for creating a connection with modern children, directing children's attention to nature, the importance of its conservation and preservation. "