30 regional parks celebrate the 30th anniversary

This year marks an important event for nature conservation - the 30th anniversary of regional parks. It is unique that on 24 September, 1992, by one decision of the Supreme Council, all regional parks in Lithuania were established - the most beautiful and valuable territories of our land.

Most of the regional parks were established on the basis of former landscape, botanical and zoological reserves. Instead of the Green Lakes landscape reserve, Verkiai regional park appeared, instead of the Aukštadvaris, Nemunas loops, Rambynas landscape reserves, the corresponding regional parks appeared.

It is the establishment of state parks that created the conditions for preserving the most valuable and picturesque landscape of the country, all its types, biodiversity, natural and cultural heritage values, combining conservation, recreational and economic interests, applying the principles of sustainable development.

Over the past decades, outdoor information systems have been created in all regional parks, allowing to learn about the protected landscape and biodiversity, cognitive paths have been installed that lead through swamps, forests, river valleys, observation towers have been built that allow to perceive different landscapes, and many natural and cultural heritage objects have been arranged.

Regional parks occupy more than half of the area of ​​all protected territories, they have directorates, visitor centers, and nature schools. Visitor centers of protected areas with unique exhibitions have become a great opportunity to find information in one place, find out what is valuable and protected, and go on a journey through nature.

In state parks, heritage objects, habitats of rare species are managed and maintained, changes in the landscape and biodiversity are recorded, nature conservation events are held, and traditions are promoted. Territories important for biodiversity are managed here: the hydrological regime, habitats, vegetation are restored, species are monitored, etc.